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The creation and implementation of compliance guidelines are necessary under two essential aspects.

On the one hand, many employees sometimes have serious behavioral insecurities in their daily business dealings. Binding and understandable compliance guidelines are intended to give employees confidence in their actions. Typical topics are:

Maintaining relationships correctly:
Small gifts and invitations keep friendship alive!? Yes, but there must be clear rules: “We achieve sales through good performance, not through inappropriate donations” should be the message. Under what conditions can I invite a business partner or accept an invitation without running the risk of making myself liable to prosecution for corruption? (“Grant Policy”)

Commitment to free competition:
We comply with the guidelines for securing free competition. We do not participate in price fixing or prohibited coordination between competitors. How do I behave correctly in contact with competitors, especially when it comes to discussing “market conditions”? (“Antitrust Policy”)

Do you know your business partners?
See who you’re working with. Pay attention to the reputation of intermediaries, consultants or middlemen. A dubious reputation, negative press reports or a compliance background check prepared by Compliance Service GmbH showing any unusual features are an alarm signal. For example: I would like to hire a consultant who has excellent contacts in a market I would like to develop with my company. I am not really interested in classical consulting, but I am convinced of the chances of a successful business placement. What do I have to pay attention to in order not to fall into the “corruption trap”?

Sponsorship only with caution:
Donations and sponsorship must not be granted in order to influence decisions of business partners unfairly. May I support the sports club of my daughter/son, whose president is an important customer/business partner of mine? (“Sponsorship and Donation Policy”)

Which company data are strictly confidential and which are not?
How do I handle sensitive personal data? (“Privacy Policy”)

Always in a team:
Basically, the two-man rule applies when signing contracts and offers. Depending on the company’s situation, the person responsible for the subject matter and an employee from the area of finance should sign a contract (“Signature Policy”).

Neben bestehenden Verhaltensunsicherheiten sind es zum anderen Gesetzeslücken, Interpretationsspielräume und eine sich ständig weiterentwickelnde Rechtsprechung, die die verbindliche Vereinbarung von Compliance Richtlinien erforderlich machen.